Please help reduce airplane noise


To the Editor:

We have been longtime residents of West Tisbury, and the air traffic in the summer of 2010 seems quite a bit more than in past years. Our neighborhood is in the takeoff path of the northwest runway, in the vicinity of Seth’s Pond. A pilot friend of ours, who flies out of Cape Cod and often visits us at the Vineyard, had some suggestions to offer that might help to reduce some of the noise problems.

Firstly, unless there is a strong wind out of the northwest, would it be possible to suggest to pilots to use the northeast/southwest runway for noise considerations and the added benefit of a longer runway for safety reasons (i.e., go/no-go decision time)?

Secondly, when taking off to the northwest, could pilots make something like a 30-degree change in heading, left or right, at 500 feet, then climb on course after reaching 1,100 feet or so?

Any efforts that can be made to lower aircraft noise will be greatly appreciated.

Richard Spillman

West Tisbury