After the fire, rescues continue


To the Editor:

There were many heroes on July 12, putting out the fire in Menemsha and saving boats.

Our boat was also saved, but not that night. That night it left on its own from Menemsha. It’s a 17-foot center console Logic boat, and it kept going and going.

The next day, the Coast Guard reported seeing it around 11 am. We were in Florida and did not get a call until 5 pm.

We called Sea Tow, they spotted it in Connecticut, but couldn’t get to it because a storm was coming toward them.

By Wednesday, somehow the boat’s chain got caught on some big rocks off a private beach in Little Compton, R.I. When their harbormaster saw it from the beach he knew he had to work fast to save it from the big waves that were starting to rock it. But first, 100 yards to his right, he saw something red and shining. It was the key to the boat!

He and a friend bailed gallons of water from the boat, worked on the battery and engine, got it started up, then his friend jumped onto the rocks to undo the chain. By then, the waves were pounding him and the rocks. As he pushed the boat off, he slipped and fell into the water.

The harbormaster quickly turned off the engine, rescued his friend, brought the boat to a dock, washed out the engine and, via either Sea Tow or the Coast Guard, got our telephone number In Florida to say he had our boat. He asked if we would like him to bring it back to Menemsha for us. Which he did, by motoring back here,

We just passed title papers on the boat yesterday. Officially it is now ours, and we are naming it Ms. Miracle.

Julie Coleman