Nice but short of caregivers


To the Editor:

My husband was recently admitted to the new Martha’s Vineyard Hospital on two separate occasions. We occupied a beautiful private room overlooking Vineyard Haven Harbor both times. It appears that the administration spent the money on lovely patient rooms, which the patients do not require, and now there isn’t any money to pay for the much-needed nursing care.

The poor overworked nurses will burn out fast with a ratio of two nurses and one assistant in good times and an assistant split between two units at other times.

These gracious angels of mercy are doing the best they can, but both patients and nurses would benefit more from fewer frills and more nursing staff.

Although still not adequate, Massachusetts General Hospital, with whom the Vineyard hospital is affiliated, has one nurse and a full time assistant for every five patients.

In conclusion, it is quite obvious that the more difficult patients with Alzheimer’s and other medical problems requiring more care will be shipped off-Island if they do not have a caregiver who will stay at the hospital with them.

Marie Osborn Thompson