So many to thank


To the Editor:

On behalf of the Tri-Town Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services responders who came from all over the Island to help at the recent fire in Menemsha, we offer our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the wonderful Menemsha businesses and members of the community, who without hesitation gave everything they could give to assist us and the firefighters.

The Menemsha Market, the Menemsha Texaco and many others contributed buckets, ice, water, and telephone services. We would like to particularly thank tile Homeport Restaurant, which pitched in with their outstanding staff. Their contributions of huge quantities of ice, beverages, and water — truly a lifesaving service for the men and women racing around near the flames on an already hot and humid summer day with 200 lbs of firefighting gear on. There is no doubt that, absent these generous helping hands, we would have had far more people down from heat exhaustion and dehydration.

To Homeport, the staff members and the owner, a special thank you for the multi‑course meal made available, complete with brownies, after hours of extraordinary exertion; this refueling helped us all.

This Island community absolutely stepped up to the plate and then some. We are blessed to be here, blessed that there were as few injuries as there were, and seriously blessed by the wind direction of the day.

Bob Bellinger


Tri-Town Ambulance