I’m on vacation, rules are optional


To the Editor:

Each week in the summer I’m amazed and bemused that there are not more deaths reported.

Because what I see when I drive or walk through Oak Bluffs persuades me that the quality of mercy is not strained in Island residents.

When a tourist visitor ignores the suggested crosswalks and steps out into the face of oncoming traffic on Circuit Avenue and leads his or her entire family (like that trail of ducks in the famous children’s book), stepping slowly, in single file, and all definitely not looking at oncoming traffic, I realize that God and/or her angels are watching out for all of us, because what other reason would there be for a heat-crazed driver not to “miss” the brake pedal and hit the accelerator, and diminish by a small percent the thoughtless tourists who assume that, because they’re on vacation, the whole world must come to a stop?

Don Hinkle

Oak Bluffs