Different kind of studies

Award-winning artist Harry N. Seymour is a familiar presence on the Island, showing his work at L’Elegance on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs, at the annual All Island Art Show at the Tabernacle in the Campgrounds, and at the Carol Craven Gallery on State Road, where he will be opening his show of recent works this Sunday. (See Openings.)

While the Vineyard provides Mr. Seymour with abundant inspiration, he is drawn to his subjects by the emotions they stir. But rather than being expressionistic, his images are representational, executed with detail and precision: Children, and families observing routines, picturesque structures, lighthouses, boats, and quiet scenes.

Mr. Seymour continues to experiment with different methods of painting, in particular scratchboard etchings, impressionistic egg tempera, casein and oil paintings.The results of his creative efforts will be on display this weekend.

Retired from a distinguished academic life — he is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Communication Disorders at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he became recognized for his expertise in describing and identifying language disorders among African American children — he is currently devoting his time to his family and his art.