Groovy Sue’s gets it on


Oak Bluffs artist Suesan Stovall, who sings with the same passion, creative energy and boldness she summons as an artist, has once again opened the doors to Groovy Sue Gallery, her backyard art gallery off New York Avenue in Oak Bluffs.

“As an artist, my work is a reflection of how I live and what I experience,” she says. “When I sing or make a piece of art, it comes from a place inside that has always led me to the magic of being alive. Some call it soul, some call it spirit. I just call it my relationship with the life force within, to that which keeps the whole planet spinning and us breathing.”

So it comes as no surprise that she draws inspiration from nature, and uses bright colors and an inventive process.

“The work I do is technically called assemblage, which consists of mixed media, collage, and the use of various found objects,” she says. “I call my work reconstruction because a lot of what I do comes from the treasures I find in the trash, at flea markets and yard sales.”

Ms. Stovall is sensitive to the ghosts in found objects. “In some cases, I see the histories of people’s lives being thrown away, and I feel duty bound to do something to honor what I find. It is not uncommon to see me digging in a free pile or at the dumptique. It amazes me what people throw away.” And with wry humor, she addds, “Saves me money on art supplies.”

Ms. Stovall’s piece, “Day Into Night,” made on salvaged packing foam, is her translation of sunrises and sunsets. She explains, “I started working on pieces in February, and wanted this season’s colors to reflect that.”

Groovy Sue Gallery, Artist reception 2 to 7 pm, 9 Spruce Avenue (off New York & Chesnut), Oak Bluffs. New work by Suesan Stovall, collage and assemblage. 323-842-1076.