Only one side of the TTOR story


To the Editor:

“Mr. Kennedy asked people to consider his stewardship over 20 years.” (“TTOR resignation creates turmoil on Chappy.” Aug. 12). What a pompous thing to say. I interpret that to mean, I haven’t made many mistakes in 20 years, so trust me on this one.

Chris Kennedy failed David Babson badly. As a result, a very capable young guy lost his job, is forced to move his family from a place they all love, and suffered an indignity that will last a lifetime.

Ironically, TTOR lost a natural leader with tremendous upside and great potential as a property manager. A real gentleman and a class act, something the Trustees appear to need at the top.

Mr. Kennedy is right about one thing though, which is that “there is another side to every personnel story that they hear.” Too bad we’ve only heard TTOR’s side.

Ron Domurat


Ron Domurat is a Trustees employee working on Chappaquiddick.