Supports mosque planned in Lower Manhattan


To the Editor:

I deeply regret the loss of my brothers and sisters at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

However, I support 100 percent President Obama’s position regarding the proposed mosque in New York City. The cycle of fear and hatred must be broken. Those who say that his position is unpatriotic are pathetic, and are in fact pathological, encouraging misrepresentation, biased manipulation, and distrust, in an effort to proliferate fear.

Truthfully, the best way to find your enemies is to find more friends. The majority of the billion or so muslims undoubtedly are just like you and I, good, honest, hardworking individuals. They want what we want, a simple life for themselves and hopefully a slightly better life for their children. They, just as the majority of us, find no comfort in seeing innocent lives be taken senselessly. How could they? They live with love in their hearts for their fellow man and woman.

This is truly a rare opportunity, one where we may extend our hands in faith and in kindness to a people, a religion and a culture that too, quietly suffers our loss, with us. America, please don’t pass this up. Be a bigger people, a bigger nation, a bigger humanity and offer an olive branch, while knowing full well that their request is nothing more than any religious group already fully deserves.

Wasn’t it just a short time ago when Germany and Japan, and then Viet Nam and sometime before that even England too, were all our enemies, and now they are our trading partners and allies. What does war really accomplish?

Ken Lay