Thanks for helping with the Sunset Lake cleanup


To the Editor

On August 7, a group of friends and neighbors gathered to once again do “the Vineyard thing,” which is to help their community. Their mission: clean up the trash around Sunset Lake and Cottage City Park. With wading boots, gloves, and rakes in hand, the group combed the park and the tall grasses surrounding the lake and picked up 300-plus pounds of garbage and several bags of recyclable items.

The group had permission and help from several Oak Bluffs town departments and also support from local Oak Bluffs businesses. A special thank you goes to all those who helped make our cleanup day a success: the town of Oak Bluffs; selectman’s office; park commission; conservation commission; shellfish department and the highway department (the highway department provided the bags and returned to take away the trash and recycled items collected) including employees Aaron and James Tripp.

The following businesses provided assistance as well: Coop De Ville, Our Market, Dragonfly Gallery, and Dockside Market Place.

To the group of friends and neighbors willing to give up precious hours on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning in August, a big thank you also. This group of friends and neighbors are forming a group: F.A.N.S — Friends and Neighbors of Sunset Lake, dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Sunset Lake watershed and the surrounding park.

If you are interested in joining our group please send an email to for more information. Again, thank you to all those who contributed to our fun and highly successful clean up day.

Donna HayesPresident-Elect

F.A.N.S — Friends and Neighbors of Sunset Lake