Time’s wasted by wind opponents. We need ideas.


To the Editor:

“Where’s the beef” was the clever phrase of an advertisement years ago. Now, as I hear the many critical statements against wind turbines, I ask the speakers: Okay, if you don’t like the proposed wind turbines, what do you suggest we do to get ourselves out of this mess? How do you propose we generate electricity to meet our growing demand, replace worn out power plants, clean up the air, reduce mercury in fish, stabilize the climate, moderate heat waves, hurricanes and droughts, slow shoreline erosion, maintain the Island’s tourist appeal, preserve real estate values, keep electric rates affordable, become more energy-independent, withdraw from the oil wars, reduce the likelihood of oil spills, and create new jobs?

I’m tired of all the wasted time at meetings and the incomplete newspaper stories/letters. We need some “beef” — ideas and actions that truly and quickly move us forward.

Let’s (a) thoroughly read the websites of the Union of Concerned Scientists, National Wildlife Federation, and other science based organizations, (b) set targets for reducing the Island’s energy consumption and “green” generation, and (c) conduct our meetings with a copy of Getting To Yes close at hand.

Chris Fried