A word to the guests


To the Editor:

This letter is a general observation from a trip to the grocery store. While on my way from West Tisbury to Edgartown, I passed the Agricultural Hall and became excited about the upcoming Fair. I then passed the Mill Pond, just a lovely little spot. I proceeded down the road and saw pretty cut flowers for sale, just waiting to be scooped up by someone with a smile. I then passed the Morning Glory Farm Stand, with all its charm. I made it to the Stop & Shop store in one piece. It was slow-going there for a bit, but I made it.

Now, once I entered the store I realized that everyone was in a mad rush: They forgot how to be polite, people could not control their carts, kids, or language. Suddenly, I realize I was blinded by the calm of West Tisbury. What the heck was I doing in Stop & Shop at mid-day. Oh brother, I thought, people came here to relax?

If you please, a simple bit of advice to the visitor who has not left the stress of everyday life behind before coming to our Island: Do not block traffic intentionally; life does not work that way here, Do not bring your family on an outing to Stop & Shop. Instead drop them off at the beach and do the shopping yourself. Better yet hire Let Me Do That, so they can do it for you. Do not block the entrance to Goodales pit or the Triangle in Edgartown. Be careful at Five Corners and the end of VH/Edg Road. Mind the bikes, remembering that not all bicyclists wear helmets. Drive slowly, don’t yell out your window. We just don’t care to hear your swears, and please, when you take off your Harry Winston diamond and set it on the beach towel, do not yell at the children around you when you yourself shook your towel out and lost your ring. We did not steal it.

Be kind to your servers in the restaurants, and for goodness’ sake leave a nice tip. Leave your rental property in the condtion you found it when you were welcomed in. Your cleaning people work hard for you; a tip is recommended. Remember why you came here in the first place. We are quaint, quiet, and relaxing. We like it this way, so stop messing things up. Enjoy yourself, but please be mindful of the those around you, be it locals or other guests.

Oh, one last tip. There are lots of activities coming up this next week. Don’t complain to the sellers of tickets at the Fair about the price. They did not set that price, and ride tickets are sold separately. The firemen work hard to provide the Island with a wonderful fireworks night. Pay the parking fee and behave while in the town.

That’s it. Just breathe and slow down to our pace, and we will all enjoy the end of summer.

Sherri Church

West Tisbury