20th Oar & Paddle

Dana Gaines cruised to the win in the 20th annual Oar and Paddle with a time of 24:40. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

Seas were neither calm nor high, just about right for the 20th annual Oar & Paddle Regatta, on Lake Sengekontacket, Oak Bluffs, Sunday. Some 48 paddlers and three dogs found it so for the 2.7 mile course from the Little Bridge, around Sarson’s Island and back again.

To no one’s surprise, the first boat to complete the course was powered by Dana Gaines of Edgartown. Dana’s time was 24 minutes and 40 seconds in his fiberglass sea kayak.

Second, no surprise either, was Percy Burt in a plastic sea kayak at 30:02. Just 23 seconds later came Gregory Bennett in a fiberglass sea kayak.

Louise Swartz was the first female finisher at 39:24.

Kathy Burton, Cathy Gowdy, Nancy Phillips, Okolo Schwinn-Clanton, Thomas Winchell, Neicy Nelson, Howard Foster, Jessier Kanozak, Brendan Grimm, Valli Hamilton, Russell Anderson, and Kristy Costa finished in 30:25 in their outrigger canoe.

Next were Patti and Joe Pitchko in a canoe.

David Campbell paddled the first sit-on-top to finish.

The first kayak with dogs was piloted by Bridget Dunningan and Rogers Williams with help from Mullet, Dupree, and Hogan in 42:41.

At 45:39 was Nick Albertson on the first paddle board.

The first female tandem was Gillian O’Callaghan and Maggie Johnson.

The first male-female tandem was Marcy Gaedeke and Stevle Fox. First tandem sit-on-top was Michelle and Irene Price.