I’m sitting here wrapped up in my favorite sweater, enjoying an early taste of fall. We visited the regular haunts this weekend, The Wharf and Sharky’s, and found familiar faces on both sides of the bar, so it seems the season is winding down. With the college kids going home to get organized for fall semester, and the younger kids leaving to prepare for school, it seems the exodus has begun. By the time this goes to print, I could be back in a tank top, cranking the AC, but for now, that pre-fall feeling is most definitely in the air, and it’s lovely.

Much of my time was spent outside of Edgartown this week, as I was granted permission to walk last Tuesday. With the aid of my sci-fi looking robot boot, I hit Illumination night, the Fair, Oak Bluffs Harbor, and I may have done a little dancing as well. I did run into several of our townspeople in my travels.

It was nice to see Edgartown ex-pats, George and Susan Gamble, out on their gingerbread porch, having traded the hydrangeas of Edgartown for the Japanese lanterns of the Oak Bluffs Campgrounds several years ago. Daughter Sarah was present, with her daughter Ava, the cutest little thing going.

Thursday, I followed my nieces around the Fair for four hours, where they rode every ride that allowed little ones, along with their best buds, Vinny and Frankie Paciello. I think I probably went to bed earlier than any of the kids that night, I was so tired from one of my first days back on the hoof.

Author/illustrator Victoria Kann will pay a visit to the Edgartown Library Friday, August 27 at 4 pm, to read from and discuss her book, “Pinkalicious,” the story of a girl who eats so many pink cupcakes she begins to turn pink. So throw on some pink duds and hop down to the library for this fun event.

The ongoing restoration of the historic 1895 Hook and Hastings pipe organ continues at the Federated Church of Edgartown, and to benefit the project, Pam and Jim Butterick will once again open their home to host An Evening of Music on the Lagoon. The event will take place Sunday, September 5 at 6 pm at 359 Barnes Road in Oak Bluffs. The entertainment features the trio of John Gorman, Jan Hyer, and Matt Pelikan as they set the sunset scene for the final Sunday of the summer, while enjoying wine and appetizers. No admission is required, but a donation is encouraged that will directly benefit the organ restoration. For more information, call 508-939-0335 or email antispung@aol.com.

They are trying something new up at Featherstone, which sounds well worth leaving town for: The Art of the Ceramic Bowl show opens Sunday, August 29 from 4 to 6 pm.

For $25, you can buy a bowl made by an Island potter, which you receive filled with soup and accompanied by Rickard’s bread, beverages, and dessert. What a fun al fresco dining experience that would be, and you’ll have your own beautiful bowl with which to remember it. The show will continue for two weeks following the opening. For further info, contact Patsy McCornack 508-696-0603.

There is much to celebrate this week, with birthdays and anniversaries all over the place. I got both mine done in a combined birthday-versary on Monday, and must send a special shout-out to my husband of seven years, Dave. Jim and Nicki Miller celebrated their anniversary August 22. Happy anniversary, you two.

Special birthday wishes go out to Captain Porky and Karen Collins, as they celebrate their birthdays with a Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake. Katie Fahey celebrated her day at sea on Saturday, August 21, surrounded by friends.

The Obama sightings have been pouring in. I love hearing first the people who see the planes and ‘copters flying overhead, as if we are waiting for Santa Claus, and then the golf course sightings, and the press, and the dudes with the little wires hanging from their ears. It definitely keeps things exciting. I’m not sure if the First Family will have left by the time you read this, but I hope they enjoy their time on M.V.