Entries by Island youth are always the best part of the Fair. James Seccombe, age 8, had a watercolor where the judge noticed his “super colors.” Jack Rizza’s sketch of four boyish profiles was credited with “great drawing skill.” His sister Alistair had a wonderful pencil drawing of herself and her brother. And she had a purple ceramic box with intricate designs on the side and a blue-stained glass Buddha on display. Young Zana Van Rooyen’s beautiful painting of a young girl’s lower legs and feet would have won a blue ribbon even for an adult artist.

Photos by teens and under were remarkable. Jessica Seidman’s photo of an elderly gentleman was impressive. Zachary Bernard, age 15, skillfully captured a swan reflection. Leah Pachico helpfully labeled her pretty butterfly weed. Thirteen-year-old Matthew Flathers captured an optical delight in black and white.

Brahmin Thurber-Carbone needed a bookcase because his old one was overflowing. He made a big new one over the winter and entered it into the Fair. This 11-year-old did a grand job and built it so that the shelves fit into the sides to make it really sturdy. He and his brother Cabot, age 9, also showed Rhode Island Red and Leghorn hens that got special awards.

Young Sarah Thomas and Emma Hall both received notes recognizing “great work” on their pillows of woven cloth strips. Ten-year-old Amanda had a lovely bracelet on display but her name was hidden by a blue ribbon. Junior baker Michael Metcalf made scones and even lined up his cupcakes and decorated them to look like two ears of corn.

All the livestock were enchanting. Many children entered chickens. Young Lucia and Koko Capece had a proud cockerel named Pirate Jack. Camilla Prata’s was a speckled Sussex pullet named Brownie. Perky pullets Sunny and Halk were entered by Rocco Imbrogno.

Adult entries also drew your attention. Vivian Flanders’s miniature horse and four-week-old filly were very popular. A black Percheron draft horse from New Hampshire was pronounced “huge” by all the smaller visitors. They were quite right. The FARM Institute had a banded Galloway cow with her two-week-old calf.

Juicy grapes painted by Nancy Cabot looked good enough to eat. A painting by Ann Howes was filled with many unusual objects. I enjoyed the color photo by Allen Pekor of a raucous gull. Of course, Dorothy Packer got blue ribbons for two dozen eggs.

Illumination Night was pictured by a floor cloth of a paper lantern on a cottage porch, beautifully painted by Molly Lesnikowski. Susie and Andy Boass found an antique M.V. Coop Dairy bottle to display their dahlias.

Sandra Kingston made a pretty living wreath. The lovely hand quilting on the square Amish quilt by Laura Beebe caught my eye. A New Jersey visitor entered a black and white wedding ring quilt as well as another in black and white with strategic use of color.

Everyone enjoyed the music of the Blue Hills Brass who wandered around the Fair. Small groups often went from toe-tapping to dancing to the tunes. Robinson’s Racing Pigs added a water hazard this year. The small tractor pull had a little excitement when the driver was stung by a bee. Mike and Kitty Dukakis visited the Fair, along with my little granddaughters who declared everything wonderful.

Rory is five and Fiona is three. The highlight of their visit, after the Fair and the beach, was an exciting trip to meet Gus BenDavid at his World of Reptiles. As I told him on the phone, these little girls have an absurdly large collection of stuffed and rubber snakes. Of course, they are girls, so sometimes their pythons and vipers get married or have little snakes.

Barney Zeitz is proud that his son Elliott is doing a documentary on his father’s work and life. Elliott’s trailer was shown at the M.V. Film Festival.

If you need a soup bowl, check out Featherstone’s Ceramic Bowl show this Sunday evening from 4 to 6 pm. Island potters made an assortment of bowls for your purchase. At $25 you choose a bowl; they fill it with soup and add bread, drink, and dessert. Quilts and pots will be on display for another week.

Next Wednesday you are invited to the Baptist Parish Hall for an Evening of Fun. Anyone interested in an old-fashioned social evening with others will gather at 7:30 pm. Sing along with Dorothy and enjoy guest performers and tasty refreshments. The restoration of this old church is nearly completed, but paying for it will take a while. Donations will go to the building fund. For more info call 508-693-0969.

Denys and Marilyn Wortman are hosting a fundraiser for the Tashmoo Spring Building a week from Friday. Call 508-939-0338 or check our calendar for more.

Next weekend is the 5K walk/run to benefit the V.H. Library. You can register at the library.

Happy anniversary to David and Elizabeth Beim on Sunday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out on Saturday to Arthur Dickson.

Happy birthday to Millie Briggs and Jessica Dolliver on Tuesday.

Heard on Main Street: Here comes September.