Choice and a solid foundation, at the Charter School


The Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School is entering its 15th year serving the families on Martha’s Vineyard with a viable public school choice. The school’s first 14 years brought together a talented, caring, and supportive group of students, parents, and teachers to build a solid foundation on which to move forward.

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education recently informed the school that it has met its Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) performance targets in all curricular areas in all student groups in 2010. This is the fifth year in a row that the school has met its performance targets.

The school will undergo its third Five-Year Charter Renewal by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The three-day visit takes place in October when members of the renewal team visit with students, teachers, administrators, parents, and board members to assist in their assessment of our work over the last five years and the school’s viability for the next five-year charter. The visiting group assesses the academic, financial, and organizational viability of the school, which supports their recommendation to the Commissioner of Education regarding the renewal of the school’s charter.

The school’s 2010-2011 school year objectives include developing a scope and sequence for academic research throughout the grade levels and across the curriculum, discussing and documenting strategies for accelerated learners, expansion of the Performing Arts Program, and professional development in the areas of technology, English language learners, civil rights, and bullying.

The new school year brings new opportunities for all of us to witness the creativity and achievement in each of the students. The teachers continue to attend to the curriculum and pedagogy to ensure all students have an opportunity for academic success. The school’s pillars, Freedom, Democracy, Cooperation, Responsibility, Respect, and Trust will guide and lead us in working together and helping one another achieve our goals.

Robert Moore is director of Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School.