Labor Day weekend is upon us, and it looks to be a stormy one with Hurricane Earl working his way up the coast. The summer months seem more fleeting every year. I feel the pressure now to complete my checklist of favorite summer things of which I have not yet partaken this summer. I haven’t even had an ice cream cone yet!

Pat and Buddy Wyatt have had a full house this summer with the annual visits of daughter Joylynn and grandchildren Madelyn, 5, and Ryan, 6, in July from Canandaigua, N.Y., where Joylynn is manager of a national shoe store. In August, daughter Stefanie and grandson Cole, also 6, arrived from Middletown, N.Y, where mom teaches at Cornell University. Grandpa Bud and Grammie Pat had a blast showing Mattie and Ryan off at the Holy Ghost Feast and spending time at the beach. They both enjoyed State Beach, the carousel, ice cream, and Grandpa’s BBQ. Stefanie and Cole arrived in time for the Oak Bluffs fireworks and the Fair, where Pat and Cole were brave enough to ride the Scrambler. When the weather allowed, the kids enjoyed playing in the surf, while Cole and Grandpa spent the rainy days industriously building with Legos.

The Wyatts also entertained family from Spofford, N.H., and friends from Yuma, Ariz., Port Richey, Fla., and Buffalo, N.Y.

The Edgartown Library Foundation will host a Labor Day celebration at the Katama Airfield, Monday, Sept. 6, from 4 to 7 pm. There will be field games and food, airplane acrobatics, a climbing wall, and good company. Admission is $15 for adults and children 11 years and older, $5 for children 10 and under. Tickets are available at the Edgartown National Bank, at town hall, at the Right Fork Diner, and of course at the library.

A couple of exciting things going on outside of E-town include the free Sunday classes at the Mansion House, which have been such a success they will continue through the fall. Also, the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society will be hosting the International Film Festival September 9-12. Visit mvfilmsociety.com for more information on this active Vineyard organization.

The happiest of birthday wishes go out this week to Mike Poirier September 3, and Lyra Paciello, Lisa Barbini, and Sarah Townes September 6. If all goes well, I’m sure Mike will find himself enjoying his day on a boat somewhere, while Lyra will spend hers shopping.

My inbox is starving for news from you folks. A few weeks ago, I hardly had the space to get everyone in here, and now I get a press release or two here and there, mostly having to do with something going on in another town. When I took on the job of Edgartown columnist, I cautioned those close to me that if they did not keep me apprised of their goings-on, I would subject everyone to accounts of the visitors to my dad’s bird feeders. This is the first time you all have pushed me to this extreme, so let this be a warning.

So without further ado, Mike Dolby’s avian sightings this week included a visit to the shed from a hummingbird. The hummingbird was actually in the shed. (Not your usual garden shed, mind you, but more of a “man-cave,” complete with seating and a flat-screen TV.) Says Dad, the bird flew in, “checked things out,” and left. Newsworthy, yes?

Speaking of those flying away from the Vineyard this week, we bade good bye to the Obamas. I love seeing the giant planes fly over — we used to see a lot more of these when we lived in Boston, including a flyover one Fourth of July by a stealth bomber. My husband was impressed, as the prez and entourage flew over, that I was able to identify a C-130 transport. (I actually called it a “C-something transport,” but give me a little credit.)

Can you believe school starts this week? Neither can my teacher friends, who have already been working nonstop getting their classes ready for the kiddies. I feel like it was so recently that I was congratulating you all on another year under your belts, and here I am sending you off again.

I feel like that beginning of school feeling stays with you for life, so it always feels like a good time to start a new project. So how about using that fall energy to email me and let me know what you’re looking forward to this fall, or the best thing you did this summer. Otherwise, next week you will be subjected to 600-800 words about my dogs. And you thought the bird update was boring!