Students learn in non-traditional ways at Chilmark School


The Chilmark School is ready to begin the new school year. Fresh paint and clean floors will greet parents and students as they enter the building. All of our teaching staff will be returning for the new year. We are delighted to have Mary Ambulos as our new secretary. She is a member of the Chilmark community, so she has made herself right at home by spending many hours organizing supplies over the summer months. Please welcome Mary the next time you visit the Chilmark School campus.

We are excited to welcome 14 new students to kindergarten, as well as new students in first, fourth and fifth grades.

The Chilmark School will continue to focus on student learning by participating in hands-on learning activities and thematic units. A big topic this year will be health and nutrition. We will work in our garden and cultivate the crops, as well as use them in various recipes for all the students to taste. With the help of the Island Grown Initiative, we have developed math activities to reinforce learning using the garden for each lesson.

Our students take great pride in their garden. Please take a look the next time you visit.

We will also continue our snack program with the Orange Peel Bakery and will focus on supplying the students with healthy snacks, using Island-grown produce.

We will be participating in drama with IMP director Donna Swift, and drumming with Rick Bausman. Our students learned all about U.S. history in drama last year and also about various cultures through drumming. We will be continuing our daily symphony program. Every week we introduce and listen to a different composer. This year we will be visiting the Cape Cod Symphony to expose the students to a real symphony, so they will be fully prepared and able to recognize the works of various composers.

To learn more about our school, please visit our website at Here you will find school information, photos, teacher pages, and helpful links, as well as information concerning PTO and SAC meetings.

Dates and times of the meetings will be listed on this website if you are interested in joining, or in just attending. Hope to see you there.

We are looking forward to a great year.

Susan Stevens is principal of the Chilmark school.