Well, I suppose we can all agree Hurricane Earl was a bit of a joke. The surf was no joke, but as far as our yards and our power supply, we were definitely spared. The most entertaining commentary I have seen by far is a daunting picture Dan Vaughan posted on Facebook of a small trashcan toppled over on the porch of Shiretown Meats, dramatically labeled “The Aftermath.”

The Woman’s Club of Martha’s Vineyard organized by Sarah Joy Mayhew and Mary Wesley Worth will be starting its 112th year of meetings on September 20. New members are welcome. The objectives of the club are social, literary, civic, and philanthropic. For more information, call Janice Belisle at 508-627-4861.

I had word from Allouise Morgan that grandchildren Charlotte (age 11) and Ben (9), children of Amy Morgan and Jon Simmons, have spent a good part of their summer vacation visiting their “Va-voa.” Both made solo trips over on the ferry for the first time — a grand rite of passage for Island-connected kids. Highlights of their visit include beach days, visits to Gus BenDavid’s birds and reptiles, a grand tour of the fire station (Ben was delighted to find that the ambulance was not “full of guts and blood”), meals at Linda Jean’s (always a big favorite), visits to the playground, miniature golf, shopping, and of course the Ag Fair in West Tisbury, where Charlotte won a blue ribbon in the dog show with their Bernese Mountain dog, Moxie. Also, and always, high on the list were the many wonderful days playing with cousin Manuel. They are now back in Marlboro, and back in school like everyone else. Until next year!

Felix Neck has a fall schedule packed with fun, educational activities for the whole family. Upcoming events include overnight campouts, moonrise kayak tours, nature walks, and classes on identifying the Island’s wild edibles. For further information on fall programs, call 508-627-4850.

We spent a blustery Sunday out on Norton Point over Labor Day weekend, where I was informed of two birthdays taking place today. Zack Murray made sure I was aware of his dad Graham’s birthday. (Zack could have a successful future as a reporter.) So on behalf of Zack and Hannah Murray: Happy Birthday, Dad!

It is double-digits for Miss Addy Hayman, who celebrates her 10th birthday today, according to father, Bob. Addy and Dad will go up in the biplane to commemorate this milestone. Addy was still undecided on whether she wanted to try a loop-the-loop. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

I will be at Farm Neck on Saturday, watching my honorary little brother, Derek Avakian, walk down the aisle. I remember when Derek was the loud, annoying little neighbor kid, and now that we’ve grown up, I am proud to count him among my closest friends (still loud though). Derek will be marrying Brooke Zywien, who has also made herself a fixture in Edgartown over the past several years. You might recognize her from one of her myriad summer jobs at Alchemy, Fresh Produce, or Petunia’s Shoes, when on break from her primary occupation, which is educating the little ones up at West Tisbury School. I am thrilled to officially welcome Brooke to the Dolb-vakian clan as an honorary sister. To Captain Derek and his bride on your special day and all those ahead, may you always have fair winds and following seas.

You escaped dog stories this week — thank you to all my reporters in the field — but let’s not get complacent, Edgartown. Keep sending me your news!