Party for Barbara Dacey to honor her dedication


Many went to Nectar’s last Thursday night to pay homage to Barbara Dacey, a disc jockey for 92.7 FM MVY Radio for 25 years now. Musicians Mike Benjamin, Tom Major, Bill Derby, Kate, Ben, and Livingston Taylor, and Ms. Dacey herself among others performed during the party, which also celebrated the vibrant music scene on the Vineyard.

“I wanted it to be about the music of the Vineyard, of the community, and just to say ‘thanks,'” Ms. Dacey said. “As I said at one point on the stage, the radio station grew out of this community, a rich community of people and connections, friendship and love of the Vineyard, and an incredible music community.”

Ms. Dacey also praised Nectar’s for agreeing to have the free event there, and Flatbread for donating a portion of their pizza sales that night to the Friends of MVY, which supports the station’s noncommercial streaming over the internet.

“A friend of mine said yesterday that from time to time there are events that strike a chord on the Vineyard. Everybody shows up, and it all comes together,” Ms. Dacey continued. “It was a lot of fun, it was just one of those magical nights.”