Satsang Lounge


Satsang Lounge originators Misi Lopez Lecube and Lizzy Kent describe their event as “a modern day cabaret series that presents exciting new works by a rotating cast of the best up-and-coming local talents. Artists, musicians, dancers, actors, writers, and filmmakers are brought together on these performance-driven evenings, creating an electrifying experience for the audience.” And indeed an electrifying experience it was.It was a gathering of mostly year-round Vineyarders, mostly 20-somethings and 30-somethings, but with a fair number of refugees from the Sixties. It was a loosely structured and immensely entertaining evening of music, videos, dance, and drama. It was an evening of people making and enjoying art.Inside The Yard’s performance studio, Jess James and Lizzy Kent danced a wonderfully light-hearted piece they choreographed called “Remote Control.” Amy Leonard danced with hoops, Cirque-Du-Soleil-like. Adam Petkus performed a moving original dramatic monologue written by a friend. The crowd was hushed and amused by the drama of the traveling spot of light in Chris Laursen’s animated film “Stars.” Other homegrown videos brought cheers from the crowd: “Lila,” a short film by Janis Vogel, “Supernova Fieldtrip” a video by Chris Laursen and Mikey James, and “Too Many Miracles” by Sam Mason.From the studio to the adjacent barn, the crowd danced inside, spilling out the barn doors talking and laughing. At least three different musical groups performed: “Ton Up Boys” with George Berze, Caulder Martin, Colin Ruel, and Nettie Kent; Alexis Roth sang with Marciana Jones, and Tim Laursen and Gardner Allan’s “Double Rainbow,” Tim playing a cranked-up electric guitar with robot drummers.The music was loud. One of the over 30-somethings, Mark Mazer, remarked, “It was loud in the Sixties and it’s still loud.” But seldom played with more enthusiasm.It was people having fun, making things happen. There is a young, nascent, fun-loving undercurrent of creative life on the Vineyard. It’s just below the surface, about to burst into the open. Bring it on.