Another budget gap looms for Oak Bluffs


Oak Bluffs selectmen convened a joint meeting with the town finance and advisory committee (FinCom) Tuesday, to begin discussions on the fiscal 2012 budget. A very preliminary assessment of projected revenue and projected spending leaves the town with a $650,000 shortfall, according to FinCom chairman Bill McGrath.

“That deficit has to be made up in additional taxes, overrides, or cuts,” Mr. McGrath said.

Former chairman Mimi Davisson advised the board to begin preparing for tough decisions.

“We’re going to probably face what we did last year, cutting services, having overrides,” Ms. Davisson said. “You should consider how you’re going to sell cutting library hours to four days a week or town hall hours to three days a week,” Ms. Davisson said, mentioning examples of service cuts that may be considered.

In other action, selectmen voted to set a November 9 for a special town meeting.

They also rejected a request from moped rental operator Jason Leone to license low-power, limited-use vehicles known as “Scoot Coupes.”