Supporting Garden Gate preschool

Pull from the left, with all you've got... — Photo by Susan Safford

Lambert’s Cove Road, across from the graveyard, was the place to be Sunday afternoon for preschool students, their parents, and anybody who was looking for a hearty feed, good tunes, and a laid back country get-together. Brian and Kate Athearn, proprietors of RunAmok Farm once again gave over their place to the fun and merriment — all to benefit the Garden Gate Child Development Program on New Lane in West Tisbury. The Athearn’s two boys, Hunter and Emmett, attended Garden Gate. “Our kids no longer go there, but we’re so loyal to the school that we keep doing the party,” Brian said.

Laid out on plywood table tops were chickens, a whole lamb from the farm, along with a pig that Brian and a few pals had been roasting in a nearby pit since 10 pm Saturday night. This main course was accompanied by a cornucopia of potluck side dishes, and punctuated by plenty of sweet treats.

For children young and old, there were field games including a rope pull featuring a retired mooring hawser from the retired MV Islander, no-hands eating of donuts suspended from a string (a surefire pain in the neck for any grandparents who gave it a shot), horseshoe pitch, and dare-devil Red Flier wagon rides down a hill.

Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish provided an up-beat musical backdrop, as they do so well so often.