No on Question Two


To the Editor:

I love Martha’s Vineyard. I love living here primarily because of the natural beauty but secondly because of the people who live here. I cherish our year-round community of people, including nurses, doctors, teachers, policemen, artists, professionals, farmers, chefs, shopkeepers, and entrepreneurs.

But Martha’s Vineyard is in danger of losing these people because of a critical shortage of affordable housing. I don’t want that to happen. Martha’s Vineyard needs more affordable housing. Chapter 40B makes affordable housing happen. This law has been used to create affordable housing here on the Vineyard, such as Island Elderly Housing and Island Cohousing.

I agree that Martha’s Vineyard needs more than Chapter 40B to address its affordable housing crisis. However, it makes no sense to repeal a law that can help create more housing when housing is so desperately needed. Repealing this law now will unquestionably frustrate the creation of affordable housing on Martha’s Vineyard.

This Tuesday, November 2, please go to the polls and vote no on Question Two.

Caroline Flanders

West Tisbury