Help with the flags, and honor a veteran


To the Editor:

In May 1992, the Avenue of Flags was started at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Vineyard Haven. The flags were in honor or memory of veterans. The directory at the avenue lists the name for every flag. When we first started we had 50 flags, which were very easy to put up and take down, but now in 2010 we have 450 flags.

Every year, we have a good turnout putting the flags up. We have mothers, fathers, grandparents, children of all ages, and they are proud to put them up. The problem now is taking them down.

The last Fourth of July, at 3 pm, we had about six or seven people to take them down. The Legionnaires are getting older and fewer, so we desperately need help taking them down.

Veterans Day, November 11, at 7:30 am, we will be putting them up, and at 3 pm taking them down. So, come and honor a veteran.

Jo Ann Murphy

American Legion Post 257

Vineyard Haven