Remembering Alan Campbell


To the Editor:

Alan Campbell was the principal at Tisbury School when we moved to the Vineyard, and our daughter Jennifer was in seventh grade. At the news of his death, I remembered meeting with Al in his office at the school.

“I have never known a student like Jennifer,” he said on that occasion, as I listened a bit nervously. “Jennifer has a unique ability to identify and be friends with everybody — the smart, and the regular students, the beautiful, and the plain-looking.”

He added that it was a tribute to Phyllis and me that we had encouraged her in this direction. As parents, we long to hear our children receive such compliments, knowing full well, as I did that day, that both daughters, Heather and Jennifer, had even at that youthful age, all the special attributes of their mother. I shed a tear at the news of Alan’s death and shall always be grateful for his comments to me.

Peter Sanborn

Melbourne, Florida