Larry’s Tackle tourny celebrates hard core fishermen


Larry’s Tackle on Upper Main Street in Edgartown held an awards ceremony Saturday for the winners of the shops’ 2010 Octoberfish tournament.

The tournament, as the name suggests, runs the month of October and provides a perfect letdown for hardcore fishermen unwilling to stop fishing and competing when the annual Bass and Bluefish Derby ends midway through the month.

A total of 93 fishermen entered the 18th Octoberfish, the most entrants ever, for a share of $2,800 in entry fee prizes. Owner Steve Purcell handed out prizes to 19 winning fishermen in boat and shore divisions, including many familiar Island fishermen.

While some of the fish were also entered in the Derby, several standouts came after the Derby concluded, reaffirming the notion that fishermen leave the Island before the fish.

For example, on Oct. 25 Lucas Mercier caught the first place shore bluefish, a 16.80 monster that was more than three pounds heavier than the 13.27-pound shore bluefish Derby winner. And Eric Johnson caught his second place boat bonito on Oct. 26.

Results follow. Shore bass: Jared Stobie, 29.46 lbs; Keith McArt, 27.07 lbs; Dana Rezendes, 26.51 lbs. Boat bass: Casey Elliston, 32.20 lbs; Helena Kirschenbaum, 23.06 lbs; Art Crago, 14.28 lbs. Shore bluefish: Luc Mercier, 16.80 lbs; Jesse Steere III, 12.80 lbs; Lenny Beford, 11.75 lbs. Boat bluefish: John Smith, 13.75 lbs; Julian Pepper, 13.34 lbs; Sandy Fisher, 13.10 lbs. Shore false albacore: Peter Sliwkowski, 12.46 lbs; Kathi Pagoda, 12.04 lbs; Keith McArt, 10.21 lbs. Boat false albacore: Sandy Fisher, 13.45 lbs; Johnny Hoy, 9.43 lbs. Boat Bonito: Carlin Floyd, 7.74 lbs; Eric Johnson, 7.55 lbs.