A matter of honesty


To the Editor:

A couple of weeks ago I had put my bag of clogs and an iPod on the floor of the YMCA Café to purchase a smoothie. When I went to pick up my bag, it was gone.

I am so thankful to Nina Lombardi at the YMCA for her quick response in starting to look for my bag. But it was gone. She offered to have me fill out a report, so I did. But I figured the items in the bag were gone for good. I thought the bag was stolen because the iPod was on top of the clogs.

I quickly contacted the MV Times to run a lost and found ad, but didn’t think anything would come of it.

Friday of that week, I received a message from Nina that my bag and its contents were returned to the Y’s service desk (as per my request in the lost and found ad).

What a relief.

I want to let Debbi and her children ( and her daughter’s friends) know that I am very grateful for their honesty at this time of year. Happy Holidays.

Jennifer Gibb

Oak Bluffs