Oak Bluffs


Can you believe the temperatures got to the low fifties this week? Take a deep breath because by the time you read this it will be hat, scarf, and mitten weather again. This brief period of warm weather gave everyone a second chance to finish their outdoor decorations.

Last week I commented on the lights along the bulkhead and a reader wanted me to alert people to the fact that the conduits carrying the wires from the trees to the outlets along the bulkhead, can be hazardous if you are not aware of them. They have now been marked with red reflector tape, but if you should walk on them it is possible that it would roll under your foot and you would take a trip that wasn’t planned or pleasant. The Town does look beautiful, but could I appeal, once more, to seasonal merchants to make an attempt to make their windows attractive?

It seems to be a quiet week as people are busy with holiday plans, trips, and shopping. The Vineyard Playhouse presents Tish Hinojosa who will perform in a special matinee at 4 pm and an evening concert at 8 pm on Saturday, December 18. Tish, whose big chart-topping hits include “Something in the Rain” and “By the Rio Grande,” will be performing in her concert “From Texas For a Christmas Night.”

And an Island favorite Christopher Michael Brophy returns to the Playhouse stage for the Santaland Diaries. Performances will be on the 16th and 17th at 7:30 pm and on December 19th at 4 pm

Students from MVRHS are running a collection drive for Haiti. Students are asking you to donate an old or used backpack to be sent to a child in Haiti. Collection boxes have been set up around the Island and there is one in the Oak Bluffs School office.

Every year the Oak Bluffs School holds a Red Stocking Week. This year it runs until December 17 so it is not too late to make a donation. There are more than 400 families, the largest number to date, who are in need and will rely on the Red Stocking Fund. Each year contributions raised by the school have totaled hundreds of dollars.

Kindergarten teacher Jennifer Robinson, Cathy Parker, and Lisa Reagan took their students to Mocha Mott’s in O.B. to have cocoa and cookies and to look at their artwork, which is hanging in Mott’s during the month of December. So go enjoy a cup of coffee and admire the student art.

My yellow Lab, Molly, earned her keep and more last week. She woke me just after midnight by banging her tail against the bedroom door until I reluctantly got up thinking she needed to go out. When I opened the door she led me to the sun room where I found that the gas fireplace was still lit and apparently had been running for several hours as the room was like a hot-house. When I shut it off, she looked at me then jumped up onto the couch in that room and promptly fell asleep, as if to say “Everything is okay now, so go back to bed.” As one of my daughters said, “Wow Mom — shades of Lassie!”

We send Birthday Smiles to Great Grandson Isaiah Geddis who had his first birthday on December 11, Bill Jones on the 21st, and Rae Carter, Sandra deBettencourt, and Bertie Madeiras on the 22nd.

We send December Birthday Smiles to Woodside Village residents Mary Chomitz, David Dube, Lillian Ludwig, George Szilassy, Lucy Munafo, Jeannette Bigelow, and Susan Jenkinson, and to Aidylberg Village resident Thomas Rogers.Enjoy your week.Peace