Well trained and compassionate caregivers


To the Editor:

On a Monday, a few weeks ago, my wife took me to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Emergency Room with what I thought were lingering flu symptoms. I had been sick for six days with, I thought, the flu.

Upon entering the hospital, I was immediately triaged and placed in a room with Rick Lambos, RN. He was amazing as my advocate, and he provided me support, along with his many years of experience. Shortly after arriving, it became apparent to me that I had a very aggressive and serious infection in my blood. Dr. Nieder and Dr. Laursen put their heads together to determine the best course of action.

Over the next few hours I needed an X-Ray, a CAT scan, as well as blood tests, and EKG tests. Through all of this, Rick was my main man. He got me to the tests and then the results back to the docs, so a game plan could be developed to eliminate this infection.

According to my wife, the emergency department was a very busy place that day. Once Dr. Nieder and Dr. Laursen were able to determine there was a bacteria in my blood, they were able to select the correct antibiotic and to start me on my way to recovery.

Due to the severity of the infection and dehydration that I had suffered, I was admitted to a room Monday evening. Over the next five days, I received some of the most professional, and caring nursing from the entire staff. There were three amazing nurses who stood out: Laura Hilliard RN, and Linda Fischer RN, and Jessica Walsh, RN. They were all knowledgeable, compassionate, and very supportive of my situation and my health.

To speed my recovery along, I was treated to exceptional meals from the dietary department, and they were delivered with a smile each day by Wenonah Harrington. They were even willing to provide a meal for my wife when she visited in the evening.

No one wants to go to the hospital, for obvious reasons, but I can state unequivocally that if you had to go to one, our beautiful, new hospital stands ready to assist us all. The well-trained, longtime staff is exceptional. I will be forever in their debt and wish I could remember each and every one of the staff who touched me. You are a part of this, even though I have not named you.

I occasionally hear little negative side comments about the hospital. I was very sick, I was there, and now I am cured. None of us could get along without this fine institution, and we should all feel blessed with the physical structure, but most importantly the well-trained, caring, and supportive staff. Thank you one and all.

Paul Watts

Vineyard Haven