Alumnae women square off on ice


Nineteen young women, all former graduates of Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, strapped on their skates to play for the honor of winning the 12th annual Ryan Mone Memorial Alumnae game, Sunday at MV Arena.

Hockey players were divided into a white team and purple team.

According to the distributed program, the White team included Elyce Bonnell, Alexa Fisher, Zoe Fisher, Melanie Dickson, Carol Mercier, Liane Dixon, Sarah Sylvia, Chrissy McCarthy, and Katherine Clark.

Wearing purple jerseys were Jaime Forend, Jen Gauley, Catie Coogan, Jen Coito, Elizabeth Clark, Christina Wiley, Phoebe Kelleher, Phoebe Bates, Megan Wiley, and Jen Murphy.

The Purples took the early lead when Christina Wiley, assisted by Elizabeth Clark and Jen Coito, found the back of the net. Liane Dixon evened the count for the White team assisted by Carol Mercier and Sarah Sylvia.

Elizabeth Clark untied the count with help from Christina Wiley and Jen Gauley.

Megan Wiley assisted by Jen Gauley and Phoebe Kelleher of the Purples scored the final goal of the game. Purples prevailed over Whites by a score of 3-1.