Well, well, well the Sunday after Christmas was perhaps not the best day for traveling in the Northeast. We were driving back from Vermont and everything was fine until we hit Weymouth, or maybe a little bit before there. Then all of a sudden there was snow and high winds and very bad visibility.

But the traffic kept moving, we didn’t see any accidents and we made it to Woods Hole by 3:30 pm; we had left Vermont at 11:15, so all things considered we made good time. We needed to go standby and we were told that we would probably be on the 8:30 pm boat. Not what we wanted to hear, but we decided to get dinner and see how things went.

By 4:50 pm we were on the boat. A very choppy boat, that took a long time. And, we found out when we docked, it was the last boat that made it across that night, the rest were canceled due to the high winds.

Well, no matter: we were home, right? I mean we did have to drive up to Aquinnah in a blizzard, but at least we were back on the Island. The drive to Aquinnah took a while. The roads hadn’t been plowed or sanded in some places, and it was awfully slippery, and it was still snowing and very windy.

At some point the snow changed to driving rain. As we neared our road we noticed that things were looking dark, very dark. The street lamps were out, and none of the houses had lights on. We drove up to Town Hall, found a guy in a plow truck and asked him if the power was out.

It was. It had been off for about an hour and a half, and there was no word on when it would be back up. We hadn’t been home all weekend, and everything in our house, including the heat and the stove, runs on electricity. All we have is a not very efficient fireplace. We would be freezing and I would not be able to get my column done.

There seemed nothing else to do but go back down-Island! To West Tisbury, to our friend Melissa’s house, where there was an extra bed and electricity and a wood stove with a cozy fire going. So we turned around and began the drive or continued the drive in the other direction. At one point, seeing that the other side of the road was plowed and our side wasn’t, and also that no one else was on the road my husband switched over to the other lane. “Wow we’ve been driving so long we’re now in England,” I said.

We got to Melissa’s at 7:45 pm, eight and a half hours after our journey had started. And as long and stressful as our journey was, we knew we were lucky that we even got back on the Island at all.

Start the New Year off right on Sunday, Jan. 1. There will be a by-donation yoga class at co-housing in West Tisbury led by Mollie Doyle at 9 am.

And then if you’re still motivated to learn and do something new in the new year, you can head to the high school on Tuesday and Wednesday evening and register for an ACE-MV class or seminar. Of course you can also register online at

Lisa Vanderhoop’s Seadogs Calendar was chosen by People Magazine’s website, as the best pet calendar of the year. Congratulations, Lisa!The Library will host a needlecraft group from 5:30 to 6:30 pm on the first Tuesday of every month. The first one will be this Tuesday, Jan. 4. Storytime on Saturday has been moved to 3 pm — an “aprés nap” storytime.

Claus Smith turned three last week. Happy Birthday to Olive and Violet Macphail who turn five today.

As of now I have no idea what is happening on New Year’s Eve, nor do I have any plans. I really don’t want to go anywhere for a little while.