Better one than six libraries


To the Editor:

With two towns looking at replacing their libraries or building major expansions, it’s time the Island towns pooled their resources to build a Martha’s Vineyard Library. Instead of smallish libraries in six towns, plus the high school and the museum, we could have one very good library in a central location available to all Island residents and visitors.

Imagine what a full-scale library could be: a far more comprehensive collection in every category of book, from children’s to fiction, non-fiction, and historical archives; a breadth of collection that would include books, documents, maps, prints, microfilm, audio tapes, CDs, cassettes, videotapes, DVDs, video games, e-books, and audiobooks; a solid staff able to assist patrons in all aspects of research and discovery; and a budget that, while significant, would still be less expensive than the sum of the many smaller libraries that we now support.

Libraries can be tremendous resources. It’s time we looked at how best to provide those resources Island-wide, instead of doing the same thing six or more times over.

Jon Snyder

Vineyard Haven