Ryan Mone men’s tournament was a shootout

Purple and white teams ready for the 12th annual Ryan Mone Memorial Alumni Game are left to right front row: Brooks Billingham, Henry Smith, Teddy Kram, Dan Van Landingham, Eli Bonnell, Jason Schwab, Trey Rasmussen, Derek Avakian, John Black, Micah Deary, Gary Ben David, and Geoghan Coogan. Back row standing from left: Nick Billingham, Chris Davies, Darren Gazaille, Daron Stobie, Antone Silvia, David Campbell, Alex Avakian, Max Sherman, Casey Elliston, Jeremie Rogers, Brandon Willett, Steve Coito, Jon Mone, Tyler Pachico, and Packy Coogan. — Photo by M.C. Wallo

Twenty-six young men, and some not so young, reported to the MV Arena to play the 12th annual Ryan Mone Memorial Alumni hockey game.

Players were divided according to year of graduation. The white team, those not so young wearing white jerseys, included: Micah Deary, Derek Avakian, Gary Ben David, Max Sherman, Tyler Pachico, Casey Elliston, Packy Coogan, Geoghan Coogan, Steve Coito, Alex Avakian, Jon Mone, Jeremie Rogers, John Black, and Brandon Willett.

Purple clad skaters were Dan Van Landingham, Brooks Billingham, Nick Billingham, Darren Gazaille, Trey Rasmussen, Chris Davies. Daron Stobie, Teddy Kram, Antone Silvia, David Campbell, Henry Smith, Jason Schwab, and Eli Bonnell.

The game was played in two 20-minute halves in running time.

White took the early lead when Derek Avakian scored in the first minute of play assisted by Max Sherman. At the 14:45 mark, Brooks Billingham tied the score with help from Jason Schwab and Teddy Kram. Alex Avakian’s goal, assisted by Elliston, put White ahead again at the half.

Jason Schwab’s goal, assisted by Chris Davies and Henry Smith, evened the count again 30 seconds into the second frame.

White got one back on an Alex Avakian goal assisted by Casey Elliston.

With time running out the purples pulled their goalie and the strategy worked as the score was tied by Brooks Billingham.

A five player shoot-out was called for and won, 3-2, by the purples on goals by Campbell, Rasmussen, and Smith.