Wind turbine proliferation


To the Editor:

Though we are living in one of the most conservation-regulated areas of the world, including a high priced six-town sponsored commission (MVC), I have yet to see any intelligent planning or foresight relative to wind towers.

The current fad seems to be a “farm exemption,” yet some residents that live near these wind turbines are complaining of noise, including a former chairman of one of our town’s planning boards, who actually permitted one near his home. Do we potentially want hundreds of these 15-story towers, making noise and blocking views, for the benefit of only a few owners?

I would think that maybe a few strategically placed larger community-owned wind turbines would satisfy our energy conservation needs, or maybe we should support the Vineyard Power ( wind initiative, currently being designed off our shore, and not have any towers on our Island at all.

This is a perfect opportunity for the MVC to lead the way and not hide behind their new 150-foot height regulation that will still allow hundreds of rusting steel towers to get built, that the Island will be forced to host for 100 years. Though wind is an excellent source of clean energy, there are also many other alternative energy solutions that do not require tall towers or noisy turbines.

Paul Adler

West Tisbury