West Tisbury


It was like summer at the beach this New Year’s Day. Parking lots were full, dogs and children frolicked, and picnickers sat in beach chairs eating and watching the surf. Some even ventured into the surf, according to reports from onlookers. Several people wore flip flops and shorts or rolled-up pant legs. Many of us just wore sweaters or light jackets. What a lovely day. What a lovely beginning to the new year.

Now the Christmas snow has entirely melted. Sunny days with no wind make an opportunity for pleasant venturing out to accomplish clean-up of storm damage to trees and shrubs. Maybe even an opportunity to get your last daffodil bulbs planted in unfrozen ground.

I guess it’s time to replace the advent calendar on our refrigerator with the 2011 Fire Department calendar Mike brought home from radio check Sunday morning. I am ever-grateful to Brynn Schaffner, Greg Pachico, John Cotterill, Tony Cordray, and Ken Edwards for this annual schedule of drills, meetings, classes, and events, plus a photographic reminder of the past year. After 26 years of marriage, I still ask Mike, “Do you have a meeting tonight?” on many Monday mornings.

October’s pictures are of firemen and schoolchildren participating in Fire Safety Week, this year scheduled for October 9-15. The department is planning something for us grownups as well, expanding its Fire Safety Services to the adult public. They plan to offer Fire Extinguisher Training to anyone interested in learning the proper technique for using a fire extinguisher and, more importantly, the proper type of extinguisher for the job. Most of us have never used a fire extinguisher; I expect many people don’t even have one or know if it’s out of date. Some may not even remember where it is. The heat of the moment (forgive me) is not the best time to be figuring this all out.

Greg Pachico is the man in charge of this project. He is looking for a response from West Tisbury residents, whether we would attend this training, and any ideas for how to make it most helpful. Please call him at 508-696-6975, email: gpachico@westtisburyfire.org, or send a letter to P.O. Box 211, West Tisbury 02575.

I asked my husband to read this for accuracy, leading him to tell me about a recent episode of “Mythbusters,” one of his favorite shows. They showed what happened if you tried to put out a grease fire with water. It made the fire flare up immediately into a significant conflagration. Yikes. Please contact Greg to sign up for this training.

The library has added a new weekly story time for older toddlers and preschoolers — 10:30 Thursday morning. Mother Goose on the Loose, a music and story time for infants and young toddlers, is on Monday and Friday mornings at 10:30.

A reception for Marshall Segall, the library’s artist-of-the-month for January, will be held at the library this Friday, Jan. 7, at 4 pm. Come meet the artist and hear what he has to say about his watercolors of notable views around town.

Saturday, Jan. 8, at 3 pm, the library is hosting a public forum with curators from the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. They want to hear your ideas and interests for the museum and future exhibitions relating to West Tisbury history.

Cathy Walters will be at the library Sunday afternoon, Jan. 9, at 3 pm, to introduce and sign her new book, “Soups and Sides,” and serve tastings of soups from her book. Sounds like a perfect thing to do on a winter afternoon.

On Monday, Jan. 10, Dr. Enid Haller will hold a Lyme Support Group meeting at 6:30 pm at the Howes House. At the library at 7 pm, enjoy popcorn and a movie, “The Party” starring Peter Sellers. The weekly In Stitches knitters also meet at that time.

I was at the Bunch of Grapes yesterday, and met Susan Savory, Children’s Book Buyer. Being new to the Island, she had just heard about Nancy Luce and wants to learn more. If you are in the Bunch of Grapes, please stop upstairs and talk with her. You may also email her at susan@bunchofgrapes.com.

From Susan Wasserman, the following: “The Police Station Planning and Siting Committee has planned a public meeting to present our work so far and to get public reactions to the sites and building needs we have identified for a new Police Station. The meeting will be held at 7 pm, Jan. 11, at the Howes House.”

Sherm and Susie Goldstein have planned a month-long slumber party for Vineyarders, to celebrate their 26 years as innkeepers at the Mansion House. For $26 per person, you can spend a night at the inn and enjoy the health club and breakfast at Zephrus. For details, call 508-693-2200.

December trips to Cronig’s made me very nostalgic when I saw peppermint ice cream displayed for the holiday season. Many of us remember hot fudge sundae nights at Alley’s, Wednesday nights all winter, during Charlie and Teena Parton’s tenure. Charlie was a particular fan of peppermint ice cream. Of course, I bought a quart, and nightly indulged in a bowl of it topped with Blue Cullen’s hot fudge sauce. I told Blue, when she delivered our Christmas jar, that if I live to 80, I plan to eat hot fudge sundaes every morning for breakfast. Maybe if I live to 70. Maybe I should just start now.