I like to read. And I have been known to read cereal boxes and grocery bags when I run out of books. I only just got around to reading the bag from Cronig’s Market. There is a short story about the grasshopper that Steve Bernier had made to put on the roof.

The bag says: A customer suggested the marketplace symbol of the grasshopper when the store was being renovated in 1993. He explained the custom had its roots in the markets in England, where the grasshopper was a sign that invited passersby to trade. It symbolized community: the delicate balance of interdependence, where merchant and families rely on each other.

When you see the grasshopper weathervane on the roof, the bag says, remember it is more than a decoration, more than artisan Travis Tuck’s handiwork that tells the direction of the wind. It is a symbol of Cronig’s place in the Vineyard community.

On these cold winter nights nothing warms you up better than soup. Grace Church invites you to their Community Soup Supper every Friday night from 5 to 6:30 pm. It’s free and includes home-cooked soups, hearty side dishes, salad, and desserts.

Thank you to Tim Johnson for the wonderful photo of the two swans walking and talking in early sunlight. If you missed this, look at page 7 in last week’s paper.

On Saturday all ages are invited to Wii Bowling at the V.H. Library. Participants of all ages may try out their skills in bowling using the Wii gaming system from 2 to 4 pm.

In honor of Robbie Burns’s birthday on Tuesday, the library will show a film located in Scotland. This 1983 film, starring Burt Lancaster, tells the story of an old oil man, a young oil man, a village that wants to get rich, and an old man who doesn’t. All of these intriguing characters merrily mix in a Scottish village making for some interesting and humorous situations. The views of the lovely coastal village will make you think you have indeed taken a trip to Burns’s homeland at 7 pm on Tuesday.

There is a special Tween Time movie for kids at the library next Wednesday, Jan. 26, from 3 to 4:30 pm. This is an animated film about a criminal mastermind who uses a trio of orphan girls as pawns for a grand scheme but finds himself profoundly changed by them. Free with popcorn, rated PG.

Congratulations to Toby Riseborough. He and four other MVRHS seniors competed in the Southeast District Musical Festival at Duxbury High School. Toby was chosen to audition for the All-State Festival to be held at Symphony Hall in March.

Toby and Rykker Maynard will sing at the 2nd winter cultural luncheon of the M.V. Center for Living a week from Saturday. The theme is Black History Month with author Tom Dresser, and Carrie Tankard and Elaine Weintraub. The meal features traditional southern foods. Call 508-939-9440 for your tickets now.

Jeff Pratt announces a series of American Heart Association CPR and First Aid Courses at the Mansion House. The first was held last week. These classes will be held again in February, March, and April at the Mansion House. You attend both sessions, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, from 6 to 9 pm.

This curriculum is for the public at large, anyone who may be responsible for care of others, and camp counselors. It’s good for Captain’s License students or license renewal, day-care providers and more. Trained medical translators offer Brazilian Portuguese translation at this class. The cost is $50 per student and includes your card and book.

Won’t you learn CPR today? To register, contact Jeff Pratt, Massachusetts EMT-Paramedic, AHA CPR and Advanced Life Support Instructor; 508-560-3163 or e-mail jpratt@capecod.net.

The Internet is really quite amazing. Where else would you find a picture of a cross-eyed opossum, never mind one that lives in Berlin?

Belated birthday greetings go out to Patti Linn. She celebrated a big one yesterday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Mev Good. Tomorrow wish the best to Cathy Deese and Anne Downing.

Heard on Main Street: Is there a section in the driver’s manual on how to drive with one hand holding the cell phone and the other waving in the air?