Movies, movies, movies is what Chilmark seems to be about this weekend. Friday, Feb. 4, at 7 pm, there will be a free showing of “High Society” at the Chilmark Library. This Oscar-nominated musical remake of Philadelphia Story stars Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby, and Frank Sinatra. Refreshments will be offered at this weekly event sponsored by the Friends of the Chilmark Library.

If a Friday night movie doesn’t fit your schedule or you’d like to make outings to the movies a weekend long event, then Saturday night the Community Center is the place for you. The films for Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival’s last winter 2011 Family. Film. Feast will be held on Saturday with doors opening at 5. The seven shorts centered around the theme, Tricksters & Pranks will be displayed on the screen approximately 45 minutes later. Tickets are free for members while non-members will be charged $10 for adults and $5 for kids. Robert Lionette, chef with The Kitchen Porch and dad to Jack, a kindergarten student at the Chilmark School, will be making the delectable meal, offered at $12 for adults and $6 for kids. The mildly famous drummer Rick Bausman will provide music for the night, and kids from the Chilmark School who have been participating in a drumming program with him will be invited to drum right along with him and perform for the crowd. The goal of the Family. Film. Feast. is to bring together families, friends, and neighbors to enjoy a delicious meal together, watch quality family films, create music together, and connect in a way that nourishes the soul and the body.

Skating. What can I say? The Chilmark School kids have thoroughly enjoyed their sessions at the rink for physical education. Their gym teacher extraordinaire Miss Channon (Capra) really knows how to get their blood pumping in a fun and exciting way that really just doesn’t seem like exercise. Big thank-yous go out to all of the parents that volunteered their time to go to the rink and assist with lace-tying, helmet-buckling, sliding into snow pants and more. Perry Ambulos, Robert Lionette, John Keene, Patricia Bacon, Annette Cingle, Holly Bellebuono, Todd Christy, Lauren Giglio, Lisa Nichols, Kelly McCarthy, Bart Thorpe, Kirsten Gannon, Heather Thurber, Marianne Neill, Josh Scott, Kaky Powell, Alicia Knight, and Stephen Taylor are but some of the parents and dedicated grandparents that assisted. I apologize to any who may not have made my list. Your help did not go unnoticed. Your name just didn’t make it to my running list.

I am not quite sure what Miss Channon has in store for the kids this week. Brooks is really hoping for an intense game of Capture the Flag.