Time to embrace wind power and its ‘beacons of hope’


To the Editor:

It is time for us all to embrace wind power.

What a joy it is to see these beacons of hope sprouting up here in New England. How can anyone who uses electricity not think the same?

Isn’t it great driving from Woods Hole to Falmouth? To see the white blades soaring into the sky, saying, “We are on the grounds of an institution of higher learning — we are here to promote the greater good for all.”

Or to see the multiple small turbines at a nursery in Westport. Did they get special treatment because they are in agriculture? I don’t know. If they did — great. More power to them.

Or to drive into Tiverton, RI, and see the really huge one. Even Rhode Island can get it together to approve these things.

Which summer was it? 2009? Three small wind turbines went up in West Tisbury. Don’t we all feel pride to live in a place where people care? I know I do.

To be sure, bird safety is a big concern. I hope technology will come up with a solution to protect birds. As we have more turbines, with more research and information coming in, science may show how to keep birds away from spinning blades.

To read the letters from the complainers, with their greedy, self-centered attitude of their spoiled view, I just don’t get it. The turbine on South Road is right in my sunset view. It doesn’t make me upset. It makes me feel hopeful and happy.

Embrace wind power. Any wind power. Anywhere.

Arnie Fischer Jr.

West Tisbury