Alternatives to turbines


To the Editor:

If wind turbines and 150-foot towers were the only clean alternative energy methods available to Islanders, I would accept and live with their added noise and visual degradation as an essential part of green energy, but they are not.

New solar products, hydro-electric, geothermal, and tidal are all now on the market, and they all provide no adverse consequences. So, to me, it is foolish to erect steel towers and noisy turbines when there are alternative, quiet, and virtually invisible methods of producing clean energy.

Though wind may still offer a slight advantage in efficiency, that gap will soon close. For example, review, and you will see just one solar alternative that has no adverse impact on our life here and no one would ever complain about. I am installing one at my home in March, and I promise you not one neighbor will ever know it was ever installed.

Paul Adler

West Tisbury