Reel Picks


127 Hours (R)

Thrilling true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston (James Franco), trapped in an isolated canyon in Utah, his arm pinned under a boulder. For five days, Ralston reviews his life and discovers a desire for life compelling enough to enable him to amputate his own arm, and hike over eight miles for rescue.

Barney’s Version (R)

Paul Giamatti as the imperfect 60-something Barney, a touching study in contradictions: the tyrant of a Canadian television empire, unhappily divorced, estranged from his son, and the subject of a new book that accuses him of his best friend’s (Scott Steadman) murder. Minnie Driver playing his second wife, jilted at their wedding for his love-at-first-sight third wife (Rosamund Pike). Dustin Hoffman as his blue-collar father.

The Company Men (R)

A grim look at a harsh, upwardly mobile world. Three corporate men in a Boston company solely dedicated to the bottom line — Bobby (Ben Affleck), an executive with all the material trimmings; Phil (Chris Cooper), an old-timer who rose from welder to executive; and second in command Gene (Tommy Lee Jones) — deal with downsizing, humiliation, and tough economic realities. Kevin Costner as Bobby’s building contractor brother-in-law, and Rosemarie DeWitt as Bobby’s wife. Fine performances.

The Eagle (PG-13)

Historic action adventure set in second century Scotland. Roman soldier Marcus (Channing Tatum) bans together with the Celtic slave Esca (Jamie Bell) to recover the Eagle, the emblem of the mysteriously missing Ninth Roman Legion. With Donald Sutherland, Mark Strong, and Denis O’Hare.

The Green Hornet (PG-13)

Actor Seth Rogen co-wrote this cluttered story, creating a hero in his own klutzy screen image. As Britt Reid, he and Kato (Jay Chou) become a bungling crime-fighting duo battling for the attention of Lenore (Cameron Diaz) and against the villainous Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz).

Just Go With It (PG-13)

Adam Sandler at his most crudely predictable as the sophomoric Danny, a Los Angeles plastic surgeon pretending to be unhappily married to attract younger women. When he falls in love with the perfect Palmer (Sports Illustrated supermodel Brooklyn Decker), he needs his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) and her kids to act as his estranged family to declare him free to marry. Even with Nicole Kidman as Devlin, Katherine’s old school rival, you’d do well to just go without.

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (G)

The (3-D) documentary of 16-year-old pop phenomenon Justin Bieber, an ambitious kid from Stratford, Ontario who went from 12-year-old street singer to internet sensation, to global super star. Home movies and performance clips show a meteoric launch that winds up at a Madison Square Garden concert.

The King’s Speech (R)

The struggle of King George VI (an absolutely brilliant Colin Firth), with his stammer and his speech therapist Lionel (Geoffrey Rush). Stellar cast: Helena Bonham Carter, Michael Gambon, and Guy Pearce as his brother, King Edward VIII, whose abdication force him to ascend the throne and offer a speech that inspires.