School vacation week a.k.a. everyone-flees-the-Island week starts on Friday afternoon. So, I really have no upcoming events to report. No. Really. None. Aside from this one that’s happening today, Feb. 24. This afternoon at the library from 4 to 5 pm there will be a special story and craft time focusing on the color red. A snack will be served. That’s it. That is all that’s going on in Aquinnah until March.

But we did have a great party on Sunday, let me tell you. Anne Vanderhoop turned 80 and her family threw her a fabulous party at the Town Hall. Many people from all over the Island came to toast Anne. Of course all her children and some of their children were there. Lovely speeches were made. Anne recounted some stories about her sons when they were younger and maybe just a little wilder, and her “princess,” Juli. It was clear how much Anne’s children really admire her and are devoted to her. And then there was the slide show that Anne’s daughter-in-law, Lisa, put together. I knew Anne was a good-looking lady but what I did not know was that she possessed the greatest pair of legs in Aquinnah. The photos showed Anne and her growing family through the years. It was quite remarkable. Anne said that she had a wonderful time and that it was a great party.

Congratulations to Virginia Yorke who got the lot between Juli Vanderhoop’s and Tim Broderick’s house. She is in the design and planning phase of building her dream home. I love it when someone really committed to the town gets their own little piece of it. I am really happy for her.

Amera and Todd’s baby does indeed have a name, Ivan (and he’s really cute). Nonie and Dan Sauer are hard at work developing their plans for the old Back Alley’s space. Cathy Thompson is back at the library after her three-week stint in the Caribbean. She returned to freezing cold weather and 450 emails in her inbox. Welcome home. Jim and Kathy returned from India. It sounds like it was a great trip but I really want to see pictures. Kathy takes great photos and I know that it will make the trip all the more vivid to see them.

So, let’s enjoy the week of peace and quiet and having the Island to ourselves and remind ourselves that even though there is snow falling as I write this, spring is a little bit closer.