Come see the whole mural


To the Editor:

Thank you so much for the wonderful February 3 front page coverage of the mural project I am working on at the new Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.

I received such strong response to the lively and vivid cover photograph, which fancifully fused me with my painting, to create a magically playful world.

Ralph Stewart is terrifically skilled, because the shot was very challenging indeed. I commend him on his technical ability as well as his artistry, and wish him to know just how many people praised his work. Thank you, Ralph.

I urge anyone who is curious to please stop by and watch the mural unfurl. Painting a 25-foot high mural is an exciting process. I am present most afternoons. The mural can be viewed from the maternity waiting room on the second floor as well.

I welcome all guests and questions and aspire to paint something that will be enjoyed for decades to come. See you there.

Margot Datz