Spring is here, the birds are insisting on it. The crocuses are telling us, too. Did you see that super moon? It was a pretty sight. Forsythia blooms indoors for us now and reminds us that warmer weather is on its way.

The adult education program at the high school has some unusual choices. ACE MV is offering a Creative Teaching Techniques workshop on Saturday, two history and science seminars on Brazil next Wednesday, and Intro to General Relativity on April 9. Beginning in May, courses begin in food safety. Registration is required: call 508-693-1033, ext. 240, or email lynn@acemv.org.

Why cook when delicious meals are available? And you support a local group as well. Grace Preschool invites you to their spaghetti dinner and silent auction on Saturday from 4:30 to 7 pm at Grace Church. The cost is only $8 for adults and $4 for children and seniors. A family of five is $25. For that you get Giordano’s spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread, Caesar salad, dessert, and drinks. You see, Bill Giordano from Giordano’s will be in the kitchen. Dinner is also available for takeout. Call Grace Church at 508-693-0332 to place early or large orders. Don’t forget to bid in the silent auction.

Then it will be only a week until the last winter lobster rolls at Grace Church on April 3rd from 12 noon to two.

You know, as you walk the endless corridors at our new hospital, posters insist that this beautiful facility was built just for us. I wonder why the architects never thought to ask some of us how even 100 feet seems a long, long hallway. Sometimes, I imagine it qualifies as a touchdown if I make it. I understand some of the nurses could have told them as well.

I like to think that I can control things in my life. A week ago I was rushing to the hospital and fussing over the parking or the time or anything I could think of. A seagull, totally ignoring my desperate state, dropped a clam on the road in front of the car and dived down to fetch the delicious meat exposed by the drop. I slammed on the brakes as he rose elegantly, only inches in front of the car, and flew off.

Once when I was driving by the seawall, the seagull didn’t make it. He and I collided in a flurry of feathers. This close call reminded me of the fact that I need to accept that sometimes — you either hit the seagull or you don’t.

Marianne Larned says that, for the first time, several young Vineyarders took part in the 8th Annual Youth Summit at Barnstable High School on March 18. Last year Meagan McDonough was a representative to the Cape & Islands Youth Congress. Meagan produced a video on the Vineyard group’s Job Shadow Day and showed it last week at the Youth Summit. Megan said that she was pleased that “the young people were advocating for better teen programs and services.”

Amoy Anderson, Shawna Brown, and Shavanae Anderson from MVYLI joined her. They thanked State Senator Dan Wolf for his support and invited his 17-year-old daughter to attend the 2011 Youth Leadership Summit at The Menemsha Inn. They all enjoyed the drumming session and the workshop where many local young people talked about their ideas for things to do in all seasons of the year. They also shared the new website, designed by Oscar Thompson: www.mvyli.org. The group is recruiting volunteers for spring and summer programs, including the program at the Menemsha Inn. For more, see the website.

Congratulations to Meagan. Island adults will see her video at the MV Rotary Club meeting next week.

When I was a little girl, I found a set of Mahjong tiles in the attic. I was fascinated by them, but no one could tell me how to play. Next Tuesday at 7 pm at the V.H. library you can enjoy an introduction to Mahjong with Hal Garneau. Mahjong is played with a set of intricately decorated tiles traditionally made of carved bone backed with bamboo. Hal will describe all the fascinating nuances of the Chinese version of the game and will teach the rules of play in an easy-to-understand fashion. Everyone can then watch or play a hand or two after the lecture. A beautiful display of antique Mahjong sets are in the display case and more will be there during the program.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Sue Mitchell on Sunday. Birthday greetings to Hank and Linda Unczur. They are both celebrating on Monday. Also partying on Monday is Dale McClure. Happy Birthday on Tuesday to Kaleena Searle and Kathleen Medeiros. Wish the best on Wednesday to Larry Sylvia and Marco Daniels.

Heard on Main Street: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire.