Martha’s Vineyard skaters dazzle at Orleans


Seven skaters from the Island Ice Skating School competed in the 33rd annual Ice Skating Institute’s Lower Cape meet at Orleans last weekend, winning a combined total of 76 points.

Savannah Meader, 4, competed in the hockey events: timed skating, puck handling/shooting and an obstacle course. She received first place points for all three events.

Kayleigh Gales, 7, placed first in Tots Level 4; Skyla Harthcock, 9, was fourth in Artistic level 3; Hailey Meader,10, was first in both Interpretive and Footwork level 4; She placed third in Spotlight level 4, Solo Compulsories and footwork level 4. She placed third in Spotlight level 4, Solo Compulsories, and Artistic 4 and received a silver medal for Jump and Spin with Lacey Dinning.

Lacey Dinning, 11, was second in Jump and Spin, third in Interpretive 4, second in Spotlight 4 and fourth in Artistic 4.

Alyssa Whitney, 12, was first in Solo Compulsories, Interpretive, and Spotlight, all at level 5. She was second in Artistic 5 and received 4th place in Freestyle 5.

Elizabeth Smith, 14, placed second in Artistic level 3.

The skaters are coached by Julie Meader, Diana Woods, and Stephanie Andrade-Rogers.