I went from hearing no pinkletinks a week or so ago to hearing them all the time. I find their chirping song so cheering because it means that spring is really happening even though the trees are still bare. The daffodils are in bloom and some of our forsythia is starting to bud.

I know that soon it will be warm and then hot and then crazy-busy but right now it still feels like winter is hanging on tight. There was frost on our deck the other morning. Frost!

Tonight at 5:30 pm come to the library for the second book discussion group; the book is Abraham Verghese’s “Cutting for Stone.” Cathy, Emma, and Rosa are adjusting to life at the library without Natalie, but they all admit it’s a little strange. So Emma was delighted when Natalie came for a visit over the weekend.

Easter is coming up soon, which means the giant Easter egg hunt at the Duck Inn, one of my favorite events of the year. Egg decorating will take place this weekend at the Inn from 2 to 5 pm on both Saturday and Sunday. The egg hunt itself will take place on Easter Sunday, April 24, at 1 pm. Elise is asking people to bring a donation for the food pantry and some nourishing food for the potluck meal (it tends to be a little sugar-heavy).

This past weekend was the Chilmark Preschool Spring Celebration at the Chilmark Community Center. It was a beautiful day and kids from all over came to eat, take a pony ride, make a pinwheel, win some prizes, and try to sneak as much sugar into their mouths as possible. It was great, and all of the parents worked really hard.

Alex Taylor created the perfect duck pond for kids to “fish” from; she worked extra hard at the Charter School (where she works). Talent Show was the night before so she pulled double duty. Theresa Manning arranged donations from local businesses. Erica Miller, Kaky Powell, Jess Benjamin, and Julie Saunders all baked, set up, cleaned, and organized the event. Thank you to all the parents who helped, and all the families that came to make this a great fundraiser for the Chilmark Preschool.

I have had a couple of Ivan (better known as Amera and Todd’s baby) sightings in the past weeks. At nine weeks old he is still very small but smiling, happy, and cute as a button. I think he looks a lot like Amera. Amera herself looks great and surprisingly rested; she seems to be taking to motherhood quite naturally.

The stores at the Cliffs will all start opening soon. Berta and Carla’s store should be open this weekend and the Aquinnah Shop by Easter. Juli will be doing pizza nights soon as long as it’s dry and the temperature is 40 degrees or higher. It will be nice to have somewhere to go in Aquinnah again aside from our trusty library.