Where is everybody? Oh, that’s right: it’s school vacation week. I hope everyone’s off doing something fun and not just yard work, although I suppose it is that time once again.

It seems like everything downtown opened up at the same time this past week. I was walking down Main Street last Tuesday, and there were still tumbleweeds rolling through — mannequins in various states of undress in the clothing store windows, still few dining options. Lo and behold, a mere two days later, I found freshly clad mannequins beckoning my wallet and mouth-watering options on every corner.

Speaking of new eateries, congratulations to Tim Klein, who has taken over Blues Café in Vineyard Haven, across the street from the Steamship Authority. Offerings include tasty sandwiches, coffee, ice cream, and more. Next time you cross town lines, go support your fellow Edgartonian in his new venture. You will not be disappointed.

For you early-rising exercise fiends, our own Max Sherman is now working as a personal trainer at the YMCA, teaching a weekly 6:15 am Body Pump class. So get up there and let Max help you fulfill your fitness goals.

Town meeting took place last week in the Old Whaling Church. We were able to get through 68 warrant articles in just under three hours, with much thanks due to our beloved moderator, Jeff Norton, for herding us through. It’s pretty special to live in a town where, when someone stands to speak on the town meeting floor, he or she is often called on by name. Small towns, for the win.

The time of our annual town meeting and election seems like as good a time as any to offer a shout-out to those who dedicate their time to our town, whether elected, appointed, or as a volunteer. In a bizarre and nonsensical mixed metaphor, I would venture that it takes a village to raise a town, and we got some pretty awesome villagers.

I’ve had many invitations to get down to the Anchors, Council on Aging, and partake of their various events and have yet to fit this into my schedule. Most recently, I have just missed the fashion show, put on by the Wednesday Volunteer Support Group, which took place this past Tuesday. This is an annual event in its fifth year. I am going to get there eventually. In the meantime, please keep calling me with your news.

The FARM Institute will host an event celebrating the joy of raising sheep next weekend, April 29 to May 1. The first annual Sheepapalooza will include raising sheep, lambing, using fiber, proper fencing, cooking lamb, making cheese, and much more. Call Cathy for more details and times, 508-627-7007, ext. 101.

A very happy birthday goes out to Mallory and Madeline D’Amato, granddaughters of Barbara Phillips, who celebrated their first birthday April 20. Enjoy that first slice of cake, ladies! Additional birthday wishes go out to Jason Dyer, who celebrates Saturday, April 23, and to Stacy Ickes, Sunday, April 24. Hope it’s a good one!