Throwers turn out for 33rd annual Martha’s Vineyard Dart Tournament


More than 60 competitors turned out for the 33rd Martha’s Vineyard Dart Tournament held at the Portuguese American Club (P-A) the weekend of April 15-17.

The Holy Ghost Association and Martha’s Vineyard Dart league sponsored the popular event that attracted darters from the mainland. They competed in seven events that included luck of the draw, two-member team competition, mixed and open doubles, ladies’ doubles and mens’ and ladies’ singles. The results follow.

Friday, Luck of the Draw, 54 players 27 teams: 1.Tom Boehner/Derrick Glynn; 2. Jeff “Bubba” Wray/John DeForge; 3. Frank DeFrancesco/Ryan Call; 4. Bucky MacWilliams/Heather Sumner.

Saturday, Mixed Doubles, 46 players, 23 teams: 1. Frank Peterson/Tami Kelly 2. Joe Conroy/Pam Briggs 3. George and Heather Kelley 4. Bob Savage/Shelley Campbell.

Open Doubles, 44 players; 22 teams: 1. Frank Peterson/Kevin Greer 2. Fred Conley/Bucky MacWilliams 3. Gus Leaf/Dana Resendes 4. Robert O’Sullivan/Sean Whalen.

Ladies’ Doubles, 12 players; 6 teams: 1. Donna Lemieux/Pam Briggs; 2. Heather Kelley/Amy Chipman

Luck of the Draw, 54 players, 27 teams: 1. Smitty/Gray; 2. Tom Boehner/Jones; 3. Reggie Winbush/Derrick Glynn; 4. Donna Lemieux/Joe Poirier.

Sunday, Ladies’ Singles, 11 players: 1. Leah Legere; 2. Patti Curran; 3. Amy Chipman; 4. Donna Lemieux.

Mens’ Singles, 28 players: 1. Joe Conroy; 2. Jim Deerie; 3. Fred Conley; 4. Sean Whalen.

Darters play every Thursday at the P-A Club located on Vineyard Avenue in Oak Bluffs. Spectators and players are welcome. For more information call 508-693-9875.