Compassion and wonderful care


To the Editor:

My son and I were visiting my parents over the Easter holiday weekend. My son was treated on Easter Sunday in the emergency room of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. He had injured his left hand.

My son has post traumatic stress disorder, a condition which makes treating him in any medical situation extremely difficult. This injury required x-rays and five stitches.

My son was treated with patience, dignity, and respect. Everyone was kind and more than accommodating. My son can be a difficult patient, but still received the best medical care. I thank Dr. Peter Laursen and the entire staff. I didn’t get everyone’s name, but the triage nurse, x-ray technician, and Anne who is an RN were particularly kind.

We will be returning home on Tuesday knowing my son received excellent medical treatment by a caring and extremely competent staff. My son has also had a positive experience in a hospital setting, being treated by “strangers.”

We would both like to thank the staff at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for their compassion and wonderful care.

Susan Greenbaum

Milford, New Jersey