Grateful parents


To the Editor:

Good morning to all of the most wonderful folk on Martha’s Vineyard. Our daughter, Becky, whom we adopted from an orphanage in South Africa two years ago has just come back from the Safe Haven visit, the most enriching and happy time of her life, after being royally treated by you one and all.

It was the first time that Becky was able to be around and to mix with and exchange chats with other young people in “the same boat.” This is something sadly lacking on a daily basis for her here in the UK, and it is a terrible secret to have to live with when you are one so young.

Becky has returned so happy to have met new friends and made new experiences, and of course her dream came true when she rode with John Powers. To all of you who supplied gifts, tee-shirts, wonderful food, fruit, and most importantly of all, your time, I thank you and salute you one and all. From Becky’s Mum and Dad, may God bless you.

Chris Kröger

United Kingdom